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What The Repointing People Offer

Remedial Wall Ties

Historically, wall ties were made from mild steel that had a galvanised layer or were painted. These coatings don’t last, leaving the steel exposed and allowing it to corrode - lifting the brickwork. These wall ties could corrode within 20 years of construction.

We locate and isolate the original ties, preventing further lifting.  Then install stainless steel DriveFix wall ties as appropriate.


A mechanised repointing system with proven advantages over the hand repointing method.  Designed to meet British Standard Codes of Practice and to utilise British Standard mortar mix designs.

Should a client require; we can repoint using most of the growing number of ready mix mortars - subject to director approval.

Crack Stitching

In basic terms crack stitching is the masonry repair method for repairing cracked walls and ensuring that they are reinforced -helping to prevent further cracking.

It involves retrofitting a number of stainless steel crack stitching bars, during the raking phase of repointing; which are grouted across cracks in walls (around 10mm deeper than the rake depth) in order to reconnect them and provide stability to the masonry.

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