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The Repointing People

Lime Mortar Repointing in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire & beyond.

Repointing Rugby
Gunpo Team
Repointing Lime Bricks
Repointing Team

Repointing in The Midlands - and beyond - for two generations.

Repointing is one of the jobs that most builders prefer not to do - it is, after all; a slow and messy job that offers little pleasure!  Indeed; you may have been given our details by one of these skilled tradespeople. 


Development of the Gun-point system was completed in the 1980s to give a clean, efficient and reliable solution - that could be guaranteed.

Since 1983; The Gun-point system has been used across the UK by selected teams of operatives to offer industry leading efficient, clean, quality repointing to individuals and organisations alike.  As well as our Professional Repointing services, the teams at Gun-point are also qualified to: 

  • Install remedial wall ties by DriveFix - including isolation of failed ties.

  • Install Helical crack stitching bars.

  • Clean Stone & Brick work.

All of our teams are employed directly by us and are headed by time served leaders with a combined experience of nearly 60 years using the Gun-point system.  With quality and service at the forefront of their work.

"I've never had repointing works before.  Where do I start?"

We can help with this - with no obligation!  Here's 3 options for you:

1.  Telephone our office on 01889 565800 - or complete our contact us form - where you will be able to ask us!

2.  Request that one of the directors come and have a no obligation walk around your property, point & ask!

3.  Use the below red buttons to see independent articles put together by respected UK organisations. 


Dear Andy,

The men did a lovely job and we [are] very pleased with the end result - looks like a new house.

Keith [and team] are lovely guys.  they were very pleasant and nice to have around.  they left everywhere clean, neat and tidy. 

They are a credit to your company.  Please convey these comments to them.

Mr & Mrs A Grainger of Werrington


What The Repointing People offer

DriveFix Remedial Wall Ties

Historically, wall ties were made from mild steel that had a galvanised layer or were painted. These coatings don’t last, leaving the steel exposed and allowing it to corrode - lifting the brickwork. These wall ties could corrode within 20 years of construction.

We locate and isolate the original ties, preventing further lifting.  Then install stainless steel DriveFix wall ties as appropriate.


A mechanised repointing system with proven advantages over the hand repointing method.  Designed to meet British Standard Codes of Practice and to utilise British Standard mortar mix designs.

Should a client require; we can repoint using most of the growing number of ready mix mortars - subject to director approval.

Crack Stitching

In basic terms crack stitching is the masonry repair method for repairing cracked walls and ensuring that they are reinforced -helping to prevent further cracking.

It involves retrofitting a number of stainless steel crack stitching bars, during the raking phase of repointing; which are grouted across cracks in walls (around 10mm deeper than the rake depth) in order to reconnect them and provide stability to the masonry.

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